Campus life


All summer program students will be accommodated in INSA Lyon student residences.

ATTENTION: It is not possible to be accommodated before the opening date of the residences corresponding to your summer school. If you arrive before this date, please arrange your own transport and accommodation.

The rooms offered will be located in residences E, H, I, G and J. All rooms are equipped with sanitary facilities (shower, WC), a kitchen (electric hotplate and fridge) and an internet connection via Ethernet cable (cables are available for sale at the Student office). 

For more information on the rooms, you can visit the following page: The Insa Lyon Residences

Internet access

In order to access the internet network in the rooms, you must subscribe to a Quantic Télécom subscription.

Bed kit

A blanket, two sheets, a pillow and a pillow case will be provided to all international students and students coming from a french overseas department.

Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit will be provided to AMERINSA, ASINSA, EURINSA students by the Student Office.

IMPORTANT: the room cleaning must be made by each student (with or without cleaning kit) otherwise the room cleaning will be at the student charge.

Post Mail

To receive mail, please indicate the following address:


SURNAME First Name

Section (ASINSA, AMERINSA, etc...)

20 avenue Albert Einstein