Join our summer programs and succed in your studies at INSA Lyon !

Every year in August, INSA Lyon’s campus opens its doors for its summer programs, welcoming hundreds of students. In 2017, there were 344 participants, totaling 33 different nationalities on campus!

Our summer school program is an occasion to meet and bound with numerous fellow students with various profiles, and is a great way to discover Lyon during the summer.

The INSA LYON FLE Office (French as a foreign language) has been offering a quality French class summer school to students entering their first year in an international section, but also to exchange and Double Degree students, for more than 20 years.  This program allows international students to prepare for their studies at INSA Lyon before the academic year starts. It consists in a well-balanced mix of practicing French, discovering Lyon, and learning about our campus and the way its studies are structured. The FLE office is certified since 2008 by the ministries of higher education and research, of foreign affairs and of culture.

Since 2009, INSA Lyon also offers two summer programs for French students entering their first year. The first program is aimed to students from the F.A.S department. This summer program’s goals are to strengthen scientific and linguistic knowledge and to help develop efficient work methods, ensuring a good start in first year. The second program concerns students from the Gaston Berger Institute Diversity Convention. It aims to allow French students from overseas territories or from high schools having a partnership with the institute to get to know the campus, visit laboratories and companies, meet engineers, and review high school notions, in order to start the academic year in optimal conditions.

Finally, this year and for the first time, INSA Lyon has welcomed students directly in 2nd year ! In order to facilitate their integration, a new summer school was organised at the end of August !

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INSA Lyon summer programs are open to students registered with INSA Lyon for the academic year (semester or full year).